Iā€™m a creative soul, currently based at Nottingham City Artists

My work is often mischievous and playful. Largely influenced by the latter half of the 20th century, I use nostalgic themes to create an immediate sense of familiar connection and emotional response. I enjoy experimenting and engaging with art and design through a range of ever evolving practices, from printing, lettering and sign painting to my most recent explorations with new technologies such as Arduino electronics and laser cut designs.


Mary Blair / David Weidman  / Dan Styles / Mike Perry / Anni Albers / Stig Lindberg / The Ackermans / Barry McKee / Steve Powers / Margaret Kilgallen

Commercial Design Projects

As a self-taught graphic designer, I work commercially to craft identities, thoughtfully accessible and meaningful logos and ongoing promotional materials for businesses, charities and community projects both large and small. You can find some examples of my work via the design page.


I've been lucky enough to work with a myriad of exciting and diverse companies over the last 12 years. These have included:

  • Lilac James

  • NHS

  • Nottingham City Council

  • Nottingham County Council

  • Equation

  • Capital One

  • The Alley Cafe

  • Nottingham C-Card


  • Studio Chocolate

  • Spaghetti Maths

  • Luna Photography

  • Darren Turner

  • Abstract Jungle

  • Wynbrook

  • Ravencourt

  • Silverfox