Inspirational Grey : Tinkering in Procreate

I have an apple pencil, and I’m not afraid to use it (anymore).

Inspirational Grey

I’ve finally taken a little time out to experiment and play around with procreate on the ipad Pro. Using the apple pencil, it becomes a really versatile sketch pad and canvas, with pens, pencils and brushes all completely customisable to the nth degree. It’s very easy to use, worryingly so. I’m sure I will soon get overwhelmed and lost in amongst a mass of self created digital art tools and colour palettes, but at least they wont take up as much space as those in ‘real life’. Digital art can have other advantages too. The ability to save various copies as you go along can take away the fear of ‘making a mistake’ and allow you to unleash and experiment without ‘ruining’ anything. - although we all know there are no mistakes - only happy accidents, so save those too.