hello world!

So, I’m almo.

It’s Friday and I’m feeling inspired. Not least because this week I discovered I was born on the day The Slits made their stage debut, supporting The Clash at the Coliseum, Harlesden, in London. Fearless warriors taking to the stage to meet with mayhem, be it vomit or adrenaline fuelled admiration. I must channel my courage for beginning this journal from the same can of heart first enthusiasm.


The first barefoot step onto the internet highway. A leap of blind faith that this journal will be worthwhile, that I can articulate onto a screen the creative things I think, verbalise the marks I make and the journey I take. Who knows, maybe even make the words interesting enough that someone else might like to follow along and share the explorations as they unfold. ‘Where to begin?’ the second challenging prospect…


Ok, so perhaps I’m not quite as brave as The Slits were in 1977. Invincibility of youth has gradually seeped away and reality abounds. I do have my bovver boots on, but they’re labelled ‘personal’. A bare all protection from the double edged fear of no readers vs readers. Let the journey commence.

I’m a creative sort.

I grew up cutting and sticking egg boxes to cornflake packets, flaunted with French knitting and won a national colouring competition. After a stint at the school of hard-knocks, I trundled off to University to study Performance Art. Almost twenty years on, I’m now a self-taught graphic designer.  In retrospect, the journey is already underway.

Nostalgic for those days heady days of PVA, wool strands and felt tips, I’m travelling full circle, albiet with fresh eyes and new perspectives. I’m a member of Backlit Studios on a mission to reclaim the artistic adventures of my youth.

Let’s explore.